2017 UPDATE:

Aviso Reminder Systems, LLC offered the Child-in-Car Alert for several years.  It is now obvious that aftermarket reminder devices will NOT significantly reduce the number of heatstroke fatalities.  Child reminder warnings must be built into ALL cars.

Therefore, we are changing our focus.  We will now concentrate on advocating for legislation to require that all rear seat-equipped light passenger vehicles be built with child reminder and alert warnings.

For years, cars have been built with warnings to remind us not to leave the keys in the ignition, not to leave a door open, or that a seat belt is unfastened.  Programming new cars to give child reminder warnings upon parking, and to honk the car horn if the child seat is still occupied several minutes after parking, is simple and inexpensive.


        Smart (occupancy-sensing) child seat plugs into receptacle in the car’s seat belt latch.

USPTO:   US 9403437 B1