Layers of Protection

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Do NOT rely on any reminder technology to prevent accidentally leaving a child in a car.  Reminders may fail to work.  Reminders might be ignored.  Reminder systems DO NOT take the place of an adult’s responsibility.


  • MOST IMPORTANTLY you must develop the habit of LOOKING into the back seat to make sure that there is no child there before you close your door.  Every time. No exceptions.

  • Keep focused on your precious cargo by having an ongoing conversation with your child while driving to daycare.  STAY ENGAGED with your child passenger — sing or talk to him or her non-stop, all the way to the drop-off destination.  

  • Put something you need — a purse, an ID badge, a briefcase, a cellphone — on the backseat every time you carry your child in a car.

  • Melanie Payne of the Fort Myers News-Press suggests putting your left shoe in the back seat when you put a child there.

  • Carry a stuffed animal in the car seat.  When you put your child in the car seat, move the stuffed animal to the front seat.  You will only see the reminder animal when your child is in the car seat.

  • Ask caregivers to be prepared to CALL you if your child does not arrive as expected.

  • At the age of 3, your child should know: (1) A car is not scary, but it is NOT a playground!  They should only be near a car when an adult is present.   (2) A car can move backwards as well as forwards.  (3) What a car horn sounds like.  (4) The car horn is the car saying “I am here!”  (5) Pushing somewhere on the steering wheel is what makes the horn make a sound.  (6) The car horn is NOT a toy.